Live School Program

Experience the magic of space and find your personal Universe with OneOrbit™ Live!

img-programsSpace exploration inspires passion, boldness, and curiosity!

We are astronauts, educators and other professionals, providing tools for understanding your personal Universe and its unlimited potential to empower creativity, curiosity and happiness.

Our school programs motivate young people to overcome obstacles and mediocrity to find the courage to follow their dreams. But the OneOrbit Mission does not end there. We use space to emphasize the importance of planning and striving, all while engaging the imagination. The OneOrbit school program opens student’s minds to the exciting sides of science, mathematics, and technology to allow wonderment to overcome fears and insecurity about these subjects. OneOrbit is building a community of intellectual innovators who will find personal power and freedom through the inspiration of space exploration.

OneOrbit provides programs and services to K-12 schools and communities to meet training requirements for bullying (including cyber-bullying), drug abuse, and Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math (STEAM) programs. In addition, OneOrbit incorporates leadership and character development, and cross-curricular teaching practices. OneOrbit addresses students, teachers, and communities.

  • Students

    The OneOrbit live program includes a OneOrbit visit and presentation, beginning with Commander Chiao’s personal story of overcoming obstacles. His story inspires students to find their passions and live the OneOrbit dream

  • Faculty and Staff

    Certified OneOrbit master teachers present tools to immediately implement OneOrbit practices into the classroom. The OneOrbit live program motivates students and teachers alike, and inspires the individual to reach the highest potential. In addition, OneOrbit offers Professional Development (PD) Leadership and STEM educator workshops, as well as innovation mentoring.

  • Community

    The final destination of OneOrbit is an optional community event, hosted by schools with their own guest lists (families, VIPs, community leaders, etc.). Schools decide the magnitude of the event and how this may be used to help with funding their OneOrbit program.