Corporate Program

OneOrbit™ keynotes and workshop keep your people up to date, and your business on top.

OneOrbit™ Holds Corporate Keynotes and Workshops, Worldwide!

An International Space Station (ISS) Commander with business and technology leadership experience, Dr. Leroy Chiao has been an international professional speaker since 2006. His corporate keynotes hit the professional and strategic points that are critical to keeping your business at the top. The Leadership and Teambuilding workshop ties into the keynotes, providing real tools to impact your business and people immediately.

1a. KEYNOTE: Leadership and Operational Decision Making – Fundamentals from Spaceflight

In space, effective leadership can make the difference between life and death, success and failure – especially during a crisis. In this presentation, Dr. Leroy Chiao shares provocative and awe-inspiring stories from his four space missions, including nail-biting tales of real emergency situations, and shows audiences how lessons learned from operational spaceflight can impact their organizations. Using his personal experience as the commander of a 193-day mission aboard the International Space Station, he illustrates how reaching for the stars is important, but even more so is honing the operational decision-making skills required to not only stay alive, but thrive.

With the help of breathtaking photos, he outlines the five key leadership lessons learned from his time in space: 1.) Training is not something you can switch on and off; it must be a continuous learning process, 2.) Keep your eye on the long-term goal, but ensure that you are safe in the short-term so you have time and the capacity to accomplish it, 3.) Keep crises in perspective and make sure you don’t exacerbate a problem, 4.) Ask for help if necessary, but never forget you are ultimately responsible, and 5.) Sometimes immediate action is required; anticipate and be prepared for it. Chiao’s talk is great for leaders in all sectors who work in a complex environment, who take calculated risks, and who “push the envelope.”

1b. KEYNOTE: Technology and Innovation Trends, and Your Business

Understanding where innovation is driving technology trends is key to planning for the future. Dr. Leroy Chiao is no stranger to this world. He offers an exciting glimpse into life on the next quantum level and shares insights on a world in which technology is accelerating much more quickly than ever before – presenting new opportunities for businesses poised to take action. Imagine a world in which you are connected directly to the Internet using thought-controlled computer augmentation and a virtual heads-up display or a world in which sensors can identify you instantly – allowing you to travel smoothly and securely, whether you use commercial travel or your automatically piloted vehicle. Imagine a life where personalized medicine allows treatments tailored to your genetics, where replacement organs are grown to be identical to your own. Through awe-inspiring stories of his time in space and breathtaking photos, Chiao looks at what is coming around the bend and how organizations can take advantage of the next technological phase.

2.WORKSHOP: ‘Lead Like an Astronaut’ Leadership and Teambuilding

This is the OneOrbitTM signature program. During this half-day program, our engaging professional development will energize your key people, and provide them with real-world tools. Dr. Chiao begins the program with one of his above keynote presentations. Professional Educator Jami Sunkel then leads the Color Code core motivation analysis, where participants learn not only about what drives them, but also how to recognize other types and how to shift communication strategies to be effective. Hands-on team activities are interwoven with real world and “out of this world” scenarios to illustrate how to immediately apply these new lessons.

“Whether you’re onboard a spacecraft or in the board room, it’s all about your people. As a leader, your people skills are more valuable than technical ones. Learning to better recognize, blend and communicate with different types of people will give you and your organization the edge in today’s modern world.” – Leroy Chiao