One Orbit Commander - Leroy Chiao

Space exploration inspires passion, boldness, and curiosity.

CORPORATE LEADERSHIP/INNOVATION KEYNOTES AND WORKSHOPS, AND EDUCATION PROGRAMS – We are astronauts, educators and other professionals, providing tools to positively impact your business, your workforce, your students. We help you and your people understand your Universe, to unlock individual and team potential to reach and inspire the highest achievements!

Using his personal spaceflight experiences and stories, Dr. Leroy Chiao delivers uniquely inspiring corporate keynotes on Leadership and Operational Decision Making, and Technology and Innovation, for impacting your business. Add-on workshops with Dr. Chiao and a professional educator provide tools for effective communication and crisp execution.

The OneOrbit™ school program is all about Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM), but also include messaging on character, hard work and making the right choices. The program includes personal stories of Dr. Chiao's struggles as a young person and how he overcame obstacles to reach his goals - in space! The program includes unique curriculum, developed by a NASA-certified Master Teacher. This package enhances existing lessons, to continue OneOrbit messaging throughout the school year. Educator professional development workshops, and innovation mentoring are also available.

Our corporate, school and community programs motivate people of all ages to overcome obstacles and find the courage to follow their dreams. But the OneOrbit Mission does not end there. We use space to emphasize the importance of planning and striving, while engaging the imagination. OneOrbit is building a community of innovators who will find personal power and freedom through the inspiration of space exploration. The OneOrbit Mission is for everyone!

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Meet Commander Chiao

Leroy Chiao is a former NASA astronaut and space station commander.

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This book includes photographs from all four of his spaceflights, most of them taken by Dr. Chiao himself.

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